Our Story

Farmer-owned cooperatives help producer members secure needed production supplies and services, and Co-ops such as Lincoln Bedford Moore Farmers Cooperative have been fulfilling that mission since the 30s.  

Lincoln Bedford Moore Farmers Cooperative was created in October 2022; however, the cooperative has a rich history of serving the farmers of southern Middle Tennessee long before that.  

Lincoln Farmers Cooperative was established on April 26, 1938, as the Lincoln County Supplies Association. It was the seventh of the Farm Bureau Supply Associations formed because of the Tennessee Farm Bureau’s initiative to advocate for local cooperatives to be organized to serve farmers. Those original supply associations were the forerunners of Tennessee’s Co-op system. The cooperative was also one of the 33 charter members that formed Tennessee Farmers Cooperative in 1945. 

Supplies from the original Co-op in Fayetteville were sold out of rail cars. In 1958, Lincoln Farmers Cooperative moved into a new store located at 1205 Winchester Hwy, which, at the time of its construction, was one of the largest showrooms in the Co-op system at 1,800 square feet. The location remains in Fayetteville; however, it has since expanded to over 12,000 square feet of showroom space.

Bedford Farmers Cooperative in Shelbyville was established in 1956, while Moore Farmers Cooperative in Lynchburg was established just a couple of years earlier in 1954. On October 1, 1994, the two locations merged to form one cooperative named Bedford Moore Farmers Cooperative. 

The forward-thinking farmer-owners of those early supply organizations had high hopes for the success of the cooperative concept, but even they could not imagine all that would be ahead for the Co-op system. Those early farmer organizers were simply seeking a dependable source of basic farm inputs like high analysis fertilizer and seed. Other vital farm supplies like feed were soon added to the offerings.

Cooperatives were formed by the local farmers in their respective areas to engage in the marketing and selling of agricultural products and equipment to its members and the public. Today, the facilities of each location are designed to appeal to a wide range of customers while still serving Co-op’s core group of farmer-members. They continue to provide quality agricultural products, supplies, and services to its members and local communities. 

In October 2022, Lincoln Farmers Cooperative and Bedford Moore Farmers Cooperative proposed a strategic merger. A month later in November, the final vote took place at both Co-op’s membership meetings in favor of approving the merger. February 1, 2023, was the official first day of what is now known as Lincoln Bedford Moore Farmers Cooperative. It is run by a board of eight — four members from Lincoln and four from Bedford/Moore. Paul Arnette is the General Manager.

Co-op continues to expand its product and service offerings to meet the diverse needs of its broad customer base. From livestock and row crops to companion animals, garden, and home décor, we’ve got you covered! Members and the public alike are invited to shop Co-op! Visit Lincoln Bedford Moore Farmers Cooperative for all your farming and rural lifestyle needs.

Board Members

David GoodPresident
Tim Farrar
Vice President
Drew Harris
Tracy Vannatta
Brent Dye
Johnny Pitcock 
Michael Dempsey
Arnold Moffett