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Our knowledgeable livestock staff is ready to assist you with all of your livestock equipment needs. Let us help you find the right solution for your farm with a full range of products from Priefert, WW, Powder River, Apache, Tarter, Kodiak, and other ag equipment manufacturers. We also carry the high quality, durable, and made-in-Tennessee Co-op gates and panels.

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Whether it’s economy, premium, or custom blends, Lincoln Bedford Moore Farmers Co-op offers a large variety of feed choices for every herd.

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Lincoln Bedford Moore Farmers Co-op proudly offers a comprehensive range of top-quality animal health products tailored to the diverse needs of livestock owners. From premium vitamins and supplements to vaccines and medications, our shelves are stocked with trusted brands and expertly curated solutions designed to promote the well-being and vitality of your animals. Whether you're caring for cattle, poultry, horses, or small animals, our knowledgeable staff is here to provide personalized guidance and support to ensure you find the right products for your specific requirements. At Lincoln Bedford Moore Farmers Co-op, we are committed to fostering the health and prosperity of your animals, because we understand that their well-being is paramount to your success and satisfaction.


From feed and supplements to supplies and accessories, we can provide you with all of your equine needs. We offer a wide variety of quality feeds including Co-op’s Premium Pinnacle line. We also carry generous selection of horse and tack items including nutritional supplements, tack supplies, riding and show accessories, grooming tools, and water and feed buckets.

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Man’s best friend is always welcome in Lincoln Bedford Moore Farmers Co-op. For the pets, Co-op has everything to get prepared for bringing your new pet home. We have dog kennels, dog houses, crates, pet beds, Pet Porters, automatic feeders and pet dishes. To outfit your pets, Co-op has a wide selection of collars, leashes, dog jackets, and we even make name tags for your pets. Treats and toys are always in stock for rewarding your pets.

We have sizes and styles to accommodate any sized pet. Pet health products are available for deworming and vaccinating needs.